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What we offer

We have a mandate to provide analytical and diagnostic services adding to the value chain of the fully integrated clinical services

We provide;

Analytical services in the area of forensic toxicology, screening herbal medicines for safety and ADME and drug metabolism and  pharmacokinetics to academic institutions, pharmaceutical industry,  research groups and individual researchers.
Validated analytical methods, interpretation of results and we are  experienced with method validation.
Assays for in vitro marker reactions and selective inhibition for CYP450-  mediated metabolism.
We boast with state of the art analytical equipment which aid in qualitative and quantitative analysis. Our instrumentation two stand alone Agilent HPLC systems, an AB Sciex 3200 QTRAP mass spectrometer and an Agilent Time of Flight mass spectrometer both tandem HPLC.
We have a robust, extensive forensic toxicology method which screens for 1250 drugs of abuse, metabolites and other compounds of forensic interest which uses the QTRAP LCMSMS system. Our methods provide greater sensitivity and flexibility and employs the use different sample types including gastric contents, vitreous humour, blood, liver, spleen, muscle and brain tissue.