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Etymology: The definition a€?black pilla€? first turned up in a blog blog post on a web site labeled as Omega Virgin rebel in 2012

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Meaning: An alternative to the widely accepted blue pill/red pill dichotomy, which is inspired by the market inside the mold wherein Morpheus provides Neo 1 of 2 products: the pink medicine will allow him to carry on to reside ignorance as red-colored tablet would program him the planet simply because it is actually. In Reddit lore, the a€?blue pilla€? shows popular feminism, whereas the a€?red pilla€? is supposed to express the anti-feminist reality: that men are really the the majority of oppressed in our society, and feminism is about feminine superiority rather than equivalent legal rights.

But making a€?black pilla€? implies since the full technique is damaged, in addition to the sole option would be to will not engage they anyway. However this is on the contrary with attempting to take advantage of lady through psychological treatment, as encouraged by many of those in r/TheRedPill and r/PickUpArtist networks.